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Business Model Workshop

Local CEOs recently participated in our customized Business Model workshop, focused on identifying gaps and increasing efficiency in productivity, revenue and enhanced customer experience.

“Every business leader must go through this workshop!” -Todd Stebleton, CEO Universal Pest Control

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Florida Small Business Development Director George Tewari outlined goal setting for CEO’s for 2017. This will be the foundation for all progress and execution.

Our CEO XChange groups are thriving!

The CEO XChange program is facilitated by FSBDC Director George Tewari. Currently, there are 22 CEO XChange members between two roundtable groups. Each month, participants share successes, challenges, best practices, goals, strategies, and other valuable insights through this unique confidential peer network.

CEO XChange is an executive roundtable program serving progressive chief executives and business owners in Central Florida. Designed specifically for second-stage companies, CEO XChange offers a confidential setting for top executives to discuss vital business issues, opportunities and trends with a group of peers.

CEO XChange presents top executives with the opportunity to broaden their business perspective and gain new knowledge by engaging in collaborative thinking and problem-solving – giving them the ability to more effectively lead their companies. And research has shown that personal and peer coaching, like that found in CEO XChange, can contribute significantly to entrepreneurial skill development and decision making.

Tom Tharp

Learn about Florida Small Business Development Center ( and Client Tom Tharp from The Borealis Experience (

1. Tom is the Founder & CEO and his company specializes in “Bringing Lights to Life” through enhanced LED and fiber optic lighting complete with music and visual effects. The company has been in business for 2.5 years and his advantage is in selling face-to-face. One of Tom’s installations can be seen at the City of Daytona Beach Shores Pavilion (

2. Tom was introduced to FSBDC by SCORE Volusia Flagler where he met with consultant Van Canada, located at Daytona State College. Van Canada helped Tom organize his “day to day” operations for the past 3 years including the business structure and business plan development. Tom has been so impressed with Van and FSBDC Daytona, he recommended them to at least 40 other people starting businesses.

3. Tom’s insight on being an entrepreneur is that you must recognize your limitations and know that you cannot run a business by yourself. You need help and not just friends but real professional business people like insurance, accounting, legal, banking and advisors.

John Walsh

Success story: How CEO’s are enhancing their business growth with help from FSBDC and Director George Tewari. Read the article below and check out the video testimonial by John Walsh from Ormond Beach Observer & Palm Coast Observer at:

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