Client Corner: Solar-Fit


Learn about Florida Small Business Development Center ( and Client Bill Gallagher from Solar-Fit (

1. Bill launched Solar-Fit in 1975 in Holly Hill, Florida after having attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach Campuswhere he studied aviation. His passion for the environment along with his background in engineering lead him to be an early solar energy user and advocate. Believe it or not, solar energy was very popular in the 1980’s due to a 40% tax credit offered to consumers by the government. Back then, Solar-Fit actually manufactured the solar systems on-site to fit each customers’ needs. Solar-Fit has been in business for 41 years, has 25 full time employees and is the oldest active solar contractor in the state of Florida.

2. Solar-Fit has been working with George Tewari and his team of consultants at the FSBDC atDaytona State College for 6 months thanks to Nick Conte from the City of Holly Hill recommending the FSBDC’s services to Bill. The FSBDC Daytona has helped Bill by providing an outsider’s perspective on his business and this has resulted in constructive feedback and recommendations to improve processes and grow profitability. Bill highly recommends FSBDC Daytona because every business needs someone from the outside to come in and bring fresh perspective and new ideas.

3. Bill’s entrepreneur advice is to make sure you have a game plan in mind before going into business. There’s a lot of surprises along the journey that are interesting and your plan will help you to navigate them while staying focused.